Be You, Live Authentically, Be Unlimited

Self Empowerment

Some people try to realize their authentic selves by rejecting imperfection. For a long time, the leading belief was that to be an enlightened, spiritual being, one had to be faultless. Fortunately, this limiting belief is changing. When we separate ourselves from our imperfections, we isolate an essential part of our growth and being, but [...] Yes, life has it’s challenges, but in this video you will learn about a powerful tool you already have that can help you develop your inner world and shift any experience. No matter where you are, shift your experience so that life doesn’t suck!

A Golden Flow Experience To Increase Your Ability to Invite Goodness & Higher Vibrating Probabilities Into Your Life best essay onlineThink of yourself as if you were a straw; there needs to be a flow within in which the liquid comes in one side and out the other. You must always maintain this flow because [...]

I just saw the movie “Mirror, Mirror” with Julia Roberts. I’d hoped to like this snow white re-told better than I did, but at least the movie offered a new spin on the mirror’s image. In this classic tale of magic, the evil step-mother queen has a magical mirror that speaks to her. She uses [...]

We all know that you cannot change someone else. You cannot make someone switch moods or behaviors without them choosing to do so. Each of us has choice – the choice to be however we wish to be. Somehow we’ve lost sight of this and find ourselves swept away in events and circumstances and believe [...]

Divine Inspiration & The Endless Expansion Of Life <a href="" rcialis 10mgel=”attachment wp-att-1154″>Maybe it was the dog, who slipped and hurt her old hip last night and was whimpering, or maybe I’d gotten up to go to the bathroom– I don’t really know why I was awake at three am. Wide awake. We Asked For [...]