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Divine Inspiration & The Endless Expansion Of Life

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el=”attachment wp-att-1154″>Manifesting My DreamsMaybe it was the dog, who slipped and hurt her old hip last night and was whimpering, or maybe I’d gotten up to go to the bathroom– I don’t really know why I was awake at three am. Wide awake.

We Asked For Expansion & Higher-Vibrating Energy

Things have been radically changing in my life lately. It didn’t really begin with a trip to Sedona Arizona at the end of August, but that trip definitely marks the start of significant events… Now, I must admit, we (my husband Kristopher and I) really walked into it. We had followed The Oracle’s instructions and had found a magnificent vortex in Sedona. Here we followed the process we’d been given, leaving our old lives behind and allowing a walk-in to come forth through the vortex.

No, I’m not a woo-woo, spiritual practitioner. When and if you meet me you’ll find that I’m actually quite the opposite. I’m down to-earth, logical and quite pragmatic. I’m a business woman, running two businesses, a mother, a wife and an artist. I’ve done some amazing and wonderful things in my life, things that seemed previously impossible to me.

Walk-In To Empower Our Lives

A walk-in is an experience in which you align to and allow a higher-vibrating version of yourself to come forward into your life. If you have done personal and spiritual growth, then you’ll know that feelings of looking past on a less evolved version of yourself that wasn’t as capable, as wise, talented or mature. At least that’s my definition.

Our experience of the walk-in was about helping ourselves raise our energy. We both love doing this and have led countless journeys in which we help people basically do the same thing. Our participants tend to shift their energy and their lives, creating better lives for themselves in the months to follow.

This is because these experiences raise our energy which, in turn, allows us to tap into higher probabilities, or better possibilities in life. My consistent work on myself in my life this way is what I attribute to my having such impossible experiences in life.

So, in Sedona, we did everything we could to increase and expand our lives energetically, which then brought about great change in just a couple short months. Our business has shifted and changed, expanding so much that we can’t keep up. Our close spiritual family has moved and shifted, allowing more room for everyone’s expansion, but leaving our close circle even smaller.

Yes, life has changed.

Sometimes I feel like my spiritual life is coming to a close. After all, our countless journey schedules has been replaced with my daughter’s vacation schedule; our spiritual practices have been out shadowed by our demeaning work schedule and so on.

Sometimes I feel as though perhaps my muse has gone, and as though some of the best part of my life has passed. After all, when you’ve been all around the world and have led people to meet God, what act can possibly follow?

Spiritual Empowerment

Manifesting My Dreams

Yes, three am. Life is still good. I love our businesses and I love my family. My life is more full than it had been, I just don’t see how it will be as magical and exciting. So, at three am I turned on the magic of youtube and searched for TED videos, a favorite of mine. And as my muse would have it, the first video I chose happened to be Elizabeth Gilbert speaking about basically the same thing. Funny, I think to myself, last year we took a mediation retreat to Bali and even got to see Ketut, who Elizabeth had worked with. Kris had even been handed letters by Elizabeth so that he could read them to Ketut. What a wonderful link!

In this TED video Elizabeth spoke about the experience she was having in which everyone around her asks if her best life has passed, now that she’s had an international best-selling book. After all, how do you top that? Isn’t it likely that no other book will be half as popular? Elizabeth too said that she’s about forty, so still has plenty of years ahead, but had been dealing with this fear or concern that she’s already seen the top of the mountain and its all downhill from here.

This set her out on a quest to find how other cultures deal with creativity and the process of expressing yourself while not worrying too much about how your creation will be received. As such, she discovered the ancient Greek and Roman experiences of damons and genies, unseen and unknown inspirations to any artists.

Elizabeth Is Channeling

Truly, she basically spoke about channeling, tuning into something more and higher, which we then captured in a poem, a painting or any other expressive creation. Basically, I knew my muse was speaking to me. I was being reminded that I channel at the drop of a hat and bring through amazing, loving and expansive beings that help any who seek to improve their lives. I was reminded that my muse, my divine guidance, my being in the flow or the vortex or whatever we may call it, is always available to me. We are each loved, guided and given help upon request at any instant in our lives. While Elizabeth spoke of her genie (comically, I suspect) as not always showing up, the truth is we are the ones who aren’t always listening or being present for the divine inspiration or direction being given.

Yes, I was reminded of the amazing gift I have been given in my life. I’m not vain or bias when I tell you that I am probably the second best channel I’ve ever seen. Frankly, it’s rare. Most people claiming to channel may be tapping into something, but it is often just a part of their own personality or it is a very low-vibrating energy. It is rare to find someone on Facebook who speaks great words of wisdom and lives any of it, let alone someone who truly channels a high-vibrating energy that can help people in miraculous ways.

Manifesting DreamsWe Are Not Alone

And this will never leave me. I’ve begun to glimpse and realize that I’m not at the top of the mountain any more than Elizabeth is. Quite the contrary, I see that, just like The Oracle will never leave me, I haven’t experienced the best chapters of my life. How can I have? That would mean that life and my Source Energy are limited and that upon completion of a destined experience, I may as well vanish, since I’d have no purpose left.

That’s not what life is nor is it what life is about. Life is a living thing in and of itself, just like us. It is something that is always shifting and changing, like the seasons, and always evolving. We are meant to be as well.

The Oracle calls these years of great Earth changes The Age of Authenticity. They say that 2012 and all the problems the world is experiencing are about our coming back to who we truly are, our authentic selves. While being who you are may sound like the easiest thing in the world, it turns out that it is the most difficult things most of us will ever do. Hence, the Age of Authenticity and all the experiences everyone is having and will be having that will help them recognize who they truly are and what they are truly meant to be and do.

Yes, my muse is always speaking to me. I don’t usually think of it as a muse, but rather ‘them’ talking to me. We all have a ‘them’, a set of guides, our inner guidance or whatever it is that brings you the connection, wisdom and knowingness in your life. Yes, ‘they’ are always talking to me—when I’m listening—and the message last night was clear: life is always improving and expanding. When we experience things getting worse in life we are simply backing up a bit to remember who we truly are and create our lives authentically.

The Age of Authenticity & Empowerment

In this Age of Authenticity life will always get bigger and better. When we are connected to who we truly are and are living from here, there is no chapter and no book that won’t get topped. There is no mountain top, because when you open to your muse, truly your authenticity and your Source the vista from the stars shows you that not even the sky will pose a limit.

Kalyn B Raphael is the Founder of the Maven Method™, Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in spirituality and parenting.
She dedicates herself to helping others live in the flow of well-being by living their authenticity.Learn about Kalyn’s coaching at or subscribe to her newsletter (Right-Hand column) to receive a class on How To Manifest, Coaching for Coaches, A Free book to help you find your purpose and much more!



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