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Become Certified as a Maven Method Coach, or add great tools to your existing Coaching Practice or just if you are just looking for economical  group coaching, you will love the Maven Method Program!

“The Maven Method Life Coaching program efficiently and effectively puts you directly into the energetic moment of coaching, guides you to see the experience from all sides and clarifies the range of actions to be undertaken and the depth of the skills to be embodied by one wishing to be a definitive coaching maven.”

~David A. Martin

Environmental Educator, Writer, author of Span, and Maven Method Master Coach

“I was among the first graduating class from the Coach Maven Coaching Course and and I am delighted to say that not only did the course help me become a better coach it has contributed greatly in my ability to coach myself through some of my personal challenges.  One of the most profoundly affective aspects of being in Kalyn’s class is listening to her coach each of us.  As well the opportunity to coach a classmate over several months, writing reports and being coached on our coaching made this course a deeply effective learning experience.  Not only will you learn great coaching techniques you will have the opportunity to look deep within yourself and resolve many of your own issues.” – Mary Martens, Life Coach & Maven Method Master Coach

Certifying You

My Mission: I love working with coaches and I love helping them become more adept and keen with their clients. Coaching to me has magic to it because as a coach we tend to have a clear vision of our client which enables us to see clearly when they can’t. This vision helps us quickly shift their mood or circumstance and empowers them. I am interested in working with people who are willing to improve their lives & their clients, so I have created an  economical certification for coaches, so you’ll notice that the monthly fee is less than a private coaching session would cost!

A coach is someone who has self-initiative. They have taken it upon themselves to improve their lives and to help others. Thus, the Maven Method offers practical skills, a vital un.derstanding of humans and how we change and evolve in addition to offering you time be partnered with another to practice using the coaching tools and your technique. The best coaches are the coaches who have taken their own self-growth on and know how to guide another to do so.

I believe that such self-initiators who come to coaching have it within them to do become great. As such, whether you are new to coaching or are currently practicing does not matter. This program will support you with your current clients or help you set up your coaching practice.

Certification Description:

Whether you are new to coaching or whether you want to improve your coaching skills, Kalyn’s Maven Method Coaching will give you techniques, tools and resources to make your Coaching practice a successful and empowered one.

The Maven Method Training Provides You With:

  • A Maven Method Certification & Golden Flow(TM) System Certification, including logos for your website
  • Coaching Tools
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls*
    The calls allocate up to ninety minutes for the group to get together via teleconference. The call will always do two things: 1) Introduce a new concept, strategy, technique or tool you can use in your coaching practice and 2) Provide time for coaches to ask questions, working through issues with clients, technique difficulties, or your own challenges.
    * Can’t make the call? No worries! The calls are recorded. Send your questions in and as many questions as possible will be read and answered during the next call. You’ll also have a chance to ask them when you attend at least one Maven Method Workshop in person or via phone.
  • Golden Flow™ System processes to help your client get into the powerful Now moment, change their energy and change their lives
  • An affiliate account to sell tools to your clients and earn money for yourself
  • Two Maven Methods Workshops, allowing longer sessions and dedicated time to developing Coaching Maven Methods

In This Program You Will:

  • Gain an understanding of what it means to be a coach
  • Practice coaching one-on-one to build your confidence & skills
  • Learn some essential marketing, including social media, for your coaching business
  • Learn basic branding for yourself as a Life Coach
  • Receive branded Maven Method™ logos for your professional use
  • Develop materials, such as workshops, to help your coaching
  • Receive support and feedback to help you become the coach or professional you wish to be!

Wouldn’t your coaching practice benefit from your receiving
personal support, professional tools and techniques?

Cost:  *
Dates: Maven Method(TM) Training can be started at any time.  Coaching Calls times vary

Coach Maven’s Philosophy:

To be successful coaches we must:

  • Understand what motivates our client so that we can help them be motivated about what they prefer
  • Be able to shift their perception, or their understanding. When one’s perception shifts, their experience does too.
  • Know how to shift their energy, thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Be able to keep our Coaching hat on, maintaining clarity, integrity and vision for our clients. A coach’s vision is not like that of a friend’s. Coaching affectively requires that we be proactive, even when we listen.

Being a Maven Coach and having such vision and knowledge can sound daunting, but it need not. Kalyn is a coach Maven because she can help you take on the perception needed to easily wear your Coach Maven hat, empowering you and your clients! Whether you take advantage and just apply this to your self-growth or whether you use this with your clients, I want you to succeed! This is why I’m giving you a ton of resources, coaching techniques and practice at a great price.

If this suits you and you want to improve your life or your Coaching, then I welcome you!

What is the benefit to me?

For more info, please contact me.

Maven MethodProgram is 6 months; Master Certification is 12 months

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Who Can Benefit From this Program?

Coaches aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this program. Whether you use the certification or not, people who can benefit include:

  • Managers who need to improve their management/people skills
  • People in sales: understanding people’s needs and how to help them
  • Teachers and Facilitators who need to understand how people learn and how to motivate them
  • Anyone who works with many people and needs to learn to communicate better
  • Add the Certification to your resume, especially when communication and people skills are important
  • Anyone who want to improve their own lives

Life is meant to be simple, but our modern world tends to complicate things. What is natural to us, such as our own happiness or our ability to communicate well with others, can become convoluted. The Maven Method Program will help empower you. The program is designed for Life Coaches, but is applicable to everyone.

A new class will be starting in September, so sign up now!
Come improve your life, your skills & your Coaching Practice!