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7 Day Flush

A Golden Flow Experience To Increase Your Ability to Invite Goodness & Higher Vibrating Probabilities Into Your Life

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Think of yourself as if you were a straw; there needs to be a flow within in which the liquid comes in one side and out the other. You must always maintain this flow because otherwise the straw can get dirty, moldy or cut off from further liquids.

You are the same. You must always allow an inflow in life. This inflow brings new energy in and new opportunities and probabilities (possibilities) in life. However, what you are dreaming of or even your regular, flowing day become less and less possible when there is a clog in the straw. Like a pipe filled with old, rotting junk, the passage narrows and what flows through becomes contaminated or blocked off all together.

Thus, your outflow is important. Like a smoothie through a straw, a clean consistent flow is a wonderful, nourishing and invigorating thing. It keeps you feeling at your best and as though all things are possible. Such an inflow can only exist when you are allowing the outflow, or for the smoothie to reach your mouth.

An outflow can be appetizing, like a smoothie, or terribly uncomfortable, like a sewer pipe that is backed up. In this year of Authenticity, it is important to unclog yourself, maximizing your flow and your ability to experience more of Who you are, as opposed to old, stuck and goopy energies. It is important to recognize that a clogged pipe shrinks in the sense that less can pass through and the old clutter and waste can actually decay the pipe or make it inflexible. A clean pipe, on the other hand, will actually act like a flexible and expandable pipe, which can increase the flow of goodness, of new probabilities and experiences in your life.

Time To Flush!

In accordance to this summer season’s energy, it is time to flush! Time to clear out your past and rid the vessel you are of your past—your past patterns, energies or habits. Time to clean the pipes so that a new flood of goodness can come your way!

Of course, this can be done and is beneficial any time you want to increase your Golden Flow(TM)!

The Flush starts tomorrow, so sign up and get ready to spend 15 minutes twice a day for 7 days shifting your energy, increasing your flow and getting yourself in greater alignment to your own goodness!

Flush Techniques

For the 7 Day Flush, please be ready to commit to spending 15 minutes twice a day-

Starts Tuesday July 17 –



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    Good, lets do it , one hand on my mouse and the other one on my hat 🙂