Be You, Live Authentically, Be Unlimited

Allowance as the Key to Manifestation

Some people try to realize their authentic selves by rejecting imperfection. For a long time, the leading belief was that to be an enlightened, spiritual being, one had to be faultless. Fortunately, this limiting belief is changing. When we separate ourselves from our imperfections, we isolate an essential part of our growth and being, but authenticity and spiritual health requires embracing the whole person.

Allow Your Life To Be

How else can we inhabit the present moment, which is all we ever have? It’s true that every minute of our lives can’t be filled with spiritual wellness, since our feelings, actions, thoughts, and energies constantly change. But the spiritual response to these “imperfections” is to just allow them to be.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that we can’t direct our flow once we embrace the “now.” When we are in alignment to Source Energy, we can then tap into a creative wellspring of imagination or anything else we desire.

Free of Charges

When we live in Golden Flow™, our alignment with Source rids us of emotional charges. We may have tried to “direct the flow” or change the path of our lives before, but until we allow where we are at this moment, our word and intentions encounter a spiritual block. Demanding or requesting life to be a certain way is simply not aligned to the creative energy of being.

While we can’t ask for different experiences, we can direct the flow of creation. Let’s take the metaphor of driving a car. You cannot demand or request that a car take you somewhere; rather, you have to learn how it works and drive the car yourself. In the sense that life provides us with experiences, we can’t change the car’s machinery, but we can align ourselves to its particular engine. Keeping a charge-free state can also make a safe driver. An anger charge, for example, can be an easy cause of accidents.

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As contradictory as it sounds, you must therefore let go of your charges in order to obtain your desires; going-with-the-flow is the one means of directing the flow of creation and being awake to your creative potential, which finds abundance in Source. As complicated as this process is for each and every one of us, the Golden Flow™ can also be natural and simple, just like our breathing.