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Do You Value the Richess of Life?

Generally I like to talk about things that are deep or esoteric, but today I’m having to touch upon something you already know. This holiday season I want you to consider your richness. I like to speak of ‘riches’ as pertaining to more than money; richness are the things that enrichen you life, the things that you value and are most important to you and give your life meaning.

Generally speaking, I think we all want people in our lives – someone we love, close friends to share our lives with and family, a place we belong and are loved. People are, by far, our greatest source of richness in life.

All I Learned in Kindergarten
Whether it is sharing an amazing moment in our lives, laughing at a funny movie or enjoying a cup of coffee, our experiences are enhanced and deepened when we have someone to share them with. We love the people who are significant to us in our lives, but we don’t always live by our own values. Actually, people often live outside these.

You may have been taught to be nice to others in kindergarten, and your heart may be in the right place, but many of us often don’t put our priorities first. Do you?

Glitz & Glamour
Unfortunately, similar to kindergarten, niceness isn’t rewarded and in life ‘nice guys finish last’. This is because our societal focus is on glitz and glamour; we spotlight drama, negative behaviors and even encourage wild behavior. We live in a world that is quantity-conscious, as opposed to quality-conscious, so that spring break or a visit to Vegas are about debauchery and ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, except for the stories and popularity that ensue. Being controversial is far more interesting than being beneficial and heroes don’t make headlines.

Yes, under all the activity and spotlights that society places on being value-less, it is easy for you to lose sight of what is important and to be good to those you love. Simple as some of life may be, it is when you allow life to become complex that you lose site of the few things that truly add richness to your life.

For these reasons people get off-base, losing touch with what is important, having chose something else in the moment that caught there attention. In an inadvertent energy of lack, you may say something you don’t mean, ignore your child at a holiday party or neglect the people or things that mean most to you when push comes to shove during a busy holiday season.

Now, we aren’t ‘bad’ people. On the contrary, I find that most clients easily re-connect with what they’d rather be doing once they have the proper cues; you may lose sight of what you meant to do, but once you tune back into your own values and the things -especially people- who are important to you, then you quickly change your mind and focus on what will fulfill you and make for a quality experience and a quality holiday.

Our dreams come and go; our accomplishments or failures seem to occupy our every thought and we quickly are too tied up with our own lives. While all of these are an important part of what makes us Who we are, our values allow us to feel good about who we are being and is directly connected to our happiness.

When we take the energetic time or focus to appreciate the people who are meaningful to us our priorities are in order and they organize our busy lives better than we can. When you spend time connecting with those you love, offering a little quality time and focus upon them, you tap into the richness that life has to offer. This can be rather simple when we take just a few minutes to let everything else that has our attention go, placing our full attention on what our child or lover says. The people around you can fill your heart with just a smile or a hug, but your focus has to be there, bringing quality and richness to receive the simplest and most meaningful gifts of life.


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