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Self-Wisdom & Mirrors

I just saw the movie “Mirror, Mirror” with Julia Roberts. I’d hoped to like this snow white re-told better than I did, but at least the movie offered a new spin on the mirror’s image.

In this classic tale of magic, the evil step-mother queen has a magical mirror that speaks to her. She uses this advantage to try to keep the power of the thrown to herself and to take advantage of the people.

A great twist in this version is that the mirror’s reflection is an image of the queen herself.

Now this I loved. That is because it holds the idea that a part of the queen always knew the price she’d pay for using magic.

In our lives, there is always a part of us that knows the price we’ll pay for indulging our egos, lying to ourselves and for trying to push the river. It is something that we all try to do. It is something that we all know won’t really work, but sometimes we pull out all the stops to try anyway. We look to life and other people to help us justify and validate our attempts, convincing ourselves that the mirror’s promise that there is a price to pay won’t apply to us.

And then I see people pay the price. I see some who can’t pass up opportunities for love or power; I see others who can’t pass up the usual withdraw or shyness because they want to stay safe and cozy.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a greedy and power hungry monster or a quiet and timid mouse: In both cases you are still ignoring the mirror.

In the movie “Mirror, Mirror” the wiser and all-knowing version of the queen in the mirror tells her that she ought to marry the baron who has proposed marriage. A solution to her financial problems is disregarded quickly, despite the fact that it would provide the solution and the fulfilment to the queen’s true needs.

And there you have it. Monster or mouse, when we disregard what we need to do for ourselves and instead chase what we convince ourselves will make us happy or comfortable, we fail. We always fail, as we can never escape the magic and wisdom of our own mirror-self.

Kalyn B Raphael is the Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in spirituality and parenting. She dedicates herself to helping others live in the flow of well-being by living their authenticity.Learn about Kalyn’s coaching at or subscribe to her newsletter (Right-Hand column) to receive a class on How To Manifest, Coaching for Coaches, A Free book to help you find your purpose and much more!


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