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Four Premises of Life

Self Empowerment

Life Is A Dream

Self-empowerment: Don't Allow Nightmares

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Kalyn, Coach Maven's, is always seeking to empower coaches & clients. Four Premises of life were developed while working with a group of advanced ladies. The Four premises speak to our role as a co-creator in our lives. The Premises are about having us Own our lives, which is the 3rd key to living an Authentic, Unlimited life.

Self-empower Means Ownership: Sleeping Well At Night?

When we recognize and take ownership of our lives and the things that happen to us in our lives we also empower ourselves to change our lives. People often fall into blame, which gives our power away, since we can not have the power to change our lives if we have attributed it to another person or circumstance. In this way blame is one of the most damaging energies, emotions and experiences we can engage in for ourselves. Blame is often present when we lose touch with ourselves and our well-being. Being stripped of our own power in our lives can feel belittling, bonding or cause insecurity– even when we are the ones blaming and, thus, causing ourselves to lose sleep at night.

Ye Be Gods

What happens to people when they accept their place among the Gods? Well, it was said in ancient Greece that the Gods dropped little pieces of themselves, often represented as little drops, onto earth, which are people in explanations of creation. As such, each of us is/was a small piece of God. Although I dismissed this concept when I learned it in college, it stuck with me. Now I realize why – the truth always strikes a chord within us.

People are quick to feel that they deserve things in life, that someone should provide something that they want or need. In some countries this creates quite a problem, since a country can only flourish and benefit when all (or a majority) its citizens experience well-being and contribute. The problem is that there is never a free lunch because someone has to make it, buy it or prepare it. It becomes difficult to balance people, societies and well-being when there are those who feel and think that they should just receive or have things given to them, when there are people who refuse to own their lives.

How Would You Create If You DiD Not Take Ownership?

If you believe that people have a piece of God in them, that we are the children of God, then you may find it beneficial to question the God within you. Does this God fall under a different set of rules when it comes to creating? Are Gods creators, by definition? If Gods are creators and you hold divinity within yourself, what are you creating? How would you create if you did not take ownership of your own creation?

Humans are meant to combine divinity and humanity, the physical aspects that we are. We all have a desire to manifest and create what we desire in life, evidenced by the age-old idea of magic, witches and warlocks. Our fascination with magic and those who can work it must come from somewhere– most likely the place within us that knows we hold divinity and are meant to live lives filled with love, joy and magic. We are meant to live as co-creators, living own divinity in our everyday lives. How so? By owning our own lives, our own creation.

As You See

Have you every noticed things changing, similar to the “glitch” found in the movie The Matrix? As you observe your life, or if you already have, you can't help but notice that as you take ownership in life, 'the matrix' changes– your life changes, always for the better. For those who do stop to become master watchers of their own lives, they can't help but notice synchronicities, timely events and notice the difference between the way life is experienced when we are in and out of the flow of life. We can't help but realize that there is always one common factor when it comes to determining what happens, be it positive or negative, in our lives: ourselves.

It Is Always You

True, you are with you everywhere you go, and this could account for the common factor in your experiences- you are just an observer. However, even science has come to proven that the observer's observations alone effect the outcome of a scientific experiment (which is why double-blind experiments are used more often, so the observer cannot watch). This means that your own energy and observation of your life affect your experience. As such, ye be a God! And moody Gods create less desirable experiences, no matter who they do or do not blame. Gods who embrace and own their lives are empowerment and tend to have lives with more divinity to them, or more well-being.

May your life be filled with Ownership, one of the 4 Keys to an Authentic & Unlimited life!

Kalyn B Raphael is the Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in spirituality and parenting. She dedicates herself to helping others live in the flow of well-being by living their authenticity.Learn about Kalyn’s coaching at or subscribe to her newsletter (Right-Hand column) to receive a class on How To Manifest, Coaching for Coaches, A Free book to help you find your purpose and much more!

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  • deb lynne November 3, 2011, 5:16 pm

    Retail management difficulty is in consumers need to blame their shopping experience on retailer, we take ownership on our service but how could I stop retail abuse towards my workers from the customers who want to blame for intent of victimology?

  • Ja-Relle (http://www NULL.facebook November 4, 2011, 4:06 pm

    Beautiful blog! I can humbly relate as I am a “reformed” BLAMER! To be FREE of that mediocre existence/way of thinking is priceless. Taking ownership has changed my life and I FEEL the calling to help others change theirs.
    Thank you. I look forward to starting my Life Coach certification next week!
    Ja-Relle E. Thomas, B.S.
    Twitter: @NewRelle