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Don’t Think That’s the Way It Is

What Was No Longer Is

Things change, sure. The seasons change and life goes on and I’m sure this is easy for you to grasp and even welcome. However, one way we each get caught or stuck is in the things that we don’t think will change, the things we expect will stay the same. Sometimes we even hold more than an expectation, because we don’t want them to change. So, sometimes we hold resistance to change, and we even defend our stand.

Arguing For Resistance

I certainly don’t mean to say that you are, but I do mean to introduce you to the idea that resistance sneaks into us, masked by comfort.

You see, we all seek comfort. There is actually a law of physics, Atcham razor that says that everything will seek the path of least resistance. The funny thing is that initially that’s what we all do. This is why children just want to play and need to be coaxed into taking on chores and responsibility. Like us and like all of nature, they naturally seek the path of least resistance. However, we become creatures of habit.

At some point, as the seasons continue to change, we continue what had been easy or perhaps was hard, but we got good at. We learn ‘the way it is’ and ‘the way you’re supposed to’. Frankly, after learning all of that, who wants to change and re-learn things? Who has the time to re-learn things?

A hundred years ago this wasn’t such a pronounced challenge, but today things change often and quickly. With computers making up a central part of our lives at work or in our communications, and with computers changing all of the time, if you don’t keep current then your quickly become a dinosaur.

It used to be that a school teacher who had been teaching for thirty years was a dinosaur; now if your computer is two, three or five years old, it’s likely the machine is considered extinct, since new programs can’t run on your archaic machine.

Well, the same is true of us. Just the other day I met a photographer who has been doing photography for twenty years. He said that he has people all wear the same tones and wear solids (no stripes or checkers) because it keeps the view’s eye on your face and decreases the contrast. It’s all true, professional marks, no doubt. Still, times have changed and I stopped requiring such things in photos long ago, as digital cameras and image-adjusting programs seem to compensate and adjust for everything.

It used to be that, if you had a headache or were ill, you were leached. Thank goodness things change! Can’t always rely on ‘good ol’ time-tested ways’!

We are now in the Age of Authenticity, a more allowing age. As you allow yourself to evolve and change you will find that this more allowing age has less rules and more harmony. Also, as you allow yourself to change


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