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Definition Karma: Patterns & Traps

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2px; border-color: black; border-style: solid;” title=”karma” src=”×165.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”165″ />If you were to study mathematics, especially geometry, you would find that everything in this universe is a geometrical shape and it then fits another shape, like a puzzle. This is even true for your energy. You can think of it as though your energetic vibration is a shape and it attracts and connects with other shapes that are compatible.

When it comes to karma the same is true. Your karma, (everyone has karmic energy), is an energy that corresponds to a geometric shape. Your karma, therefore, attracts experiences, people, feelings, thoughts and other energies to you that are of the same energetic vibration. By your attraction of these you are meant to come to see yourself, more specifically your energy, so that you may see where you need to increase the self-love in your life, which raises your energetic vibration and shifts your karma.

Karma: everyone has pattered problems, things that seem to occur over and over to them. Everyone has repetitive feelings and thoughts that they feel and think over and over whether positive or negative. You all have something that you are working out in your life, which is your unique karmic energy.

No doubt, if you are reading this, you have seen how you fall for the tricks of your karmic energy. You will recall experiences in which you behaved a way that you don’t like. You will find that you tend to feel insecure, for example, and therefore say the wrong thing at the wrong time causing others to doubt you, resulting in more insecurity.

In this way you and your karma create traps. You can say that you set yourself up, but it is not to fail. You and your karma actually set you up to bring love to yourself and your life as love is the only energy that can raise your karmic energy.

Be aware of your karma, the things that happen over and over to you in life, and focus on getting out of the patterned consequences by bringing love into your experience.


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