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Definition Karma

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order-width: 3px; border-color: black; border-style: solid;” title=”024″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”208″ height=”300″ />No, I’m not going to give you the usual definition of karma. It wasn’t taught to me that way and, frankly, the customary definitions don’t make sense to me. Instead, I’m going to talk to you about Karma as it was taught to me; a deeper definition that I believe will resonate as true in you as well.

Karma is an energy. It is an energy we are each born with, nothing personal! If you believe in reincarnation, then you’re more apt to understand that your Source Energy took on a karmatic energy in order to come forward and play in this part of the universe, known as Earth or Life (which was taught to me as the Earth Life System). Thus is the game on Earth- you have a karmatic energy which you must work to refine in order to graduate from the game. Reincarnations occur as a part of the game, giving the Soul or Source, plenty of opportunities to work through this karmatic energy. It was our Source Energy that came forward to the Earth Life System. We are a piece of that Source Energy living the game of life. This is why Abraham refers to us as being on the leading edge of our Source- we are the explorers, braving a new experience in which we play the game of having karma.

Karma is always a lack of love. Your karmatic energy can generally be found in the parts of your life that keep bringing the same problems or challenges to you. Unfortunately, these tend to feel terrible. Such is life!

Our karma is like our ultimate guidance system because those terrible experiences or feelings that it attracts into our lives are what point the way towards the life we’d prefer to have. More to the point, they show us the love we’d prefer to experience and have in our lives.

The way karma works for you in this lifetime is that it brings forth your own unique life mission and personal task. Your life mission is the work that you might do for the world, contributing something in your own way.

A few weeks ago my husband, Kristopher, and I were in our court yard listening to music and enjoying a Friday evening. Searching for another artist to listen to, we pulled up a soulful song by Amy Winehouse – talk about karma! Amy provides a great example for us. Her life mission was obvious: to touch and inspire people with her voice and her songs, which she did.

On the other hand, her personal task – again, brought on by her karma- must have gone unnoticed in her life. A personal task, simply speaking, is about the contribution we give ourselves. It is the healing or developing that we do to bring our authenticity forward. It’s not that our Source Energy is after authenticity, it’s that authenticity requires our learning love. Love for ourselves, love for our lives or others and to be loved.

Like John Lennon said, “All you need is love…”

The news of Amy’s death was very sad today, a tragedy. Her personal task, which is also unique to each of us, would have required some increase in self-love, which seemed to be absent. If you have ever wondered why artists at the the top of their game with fame and fortune lose it to addictions, here is the reason: nothing in the world can fill the void created from a lack of love. Addictions of all sorts are utilized to try to make oneself feel better, generally activating our karma more so.

We don’t have to be famous or successful to fall victims to our own karma though. Falling victim to the lack of love in our lives is like suffocating for anyone. Karma is the most powerful energy that we experience and it is one that we can do well to identify and refine.

The way out? Love your self, your life and even your karma.

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