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21 Days To Get Into The Energetic Flow For The Year of Authenticity – Day 9

Inauthentic Thoughts

Can it be that you have inauthentic thoughts and feelings? This may sound crazy to you, which means that it is likely that you do. Growing up we are all domesticated, as my old teacher Don Miguel Ruiz used to say, or conditioned growing up. This means that we grow up and are taught and influenced by those around us such that we take on thoughts, beliefs, habits and more that aren’t necesarily authentic to us.

If you have never questioned the authenticity of your thoughts and feelings, then today is a great day to get deeper into your authenticity! As you go about your day simply notice any beliefs or feelings that come up and ask yourself where the beliefs or values that create these beliefs or feelings come from. When you ask yourself such questions you will find your views in life freeing up and lightening your heart and your energy.



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