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21 Days To Get Into The Energetic Flow For The Year of Authenticity – Day 8

Allow you to feel & think the way you do; it guides you-

When we are not connected to our own authenticity one of the things that we do is that we do not listen to ourselves. We deny our needs or how we feel, perhaps because we don’t think we deserve these or because we don’t think they can be fulfilled. Unfortunately, closing the door to ourselves in this way tends to create a dead end in our lives.

On the other hand, when we listen to ourselves and our own thoughts and feelings we begin to allow room in our lives. At little at a time we allow ourselves to communicate wisdom or needs, avoiding later questions such as ‘how could I have not seen that?’

We also make room for our own genuine and authentic thoughts and feelings, which eventually lead to clarity in our lives.

How much clarity do you feel you have in your life? Wouldn’t today be a great day to begin to allow yourself to listen, or listen more, to yourself? Why not begin to make a little room for you? Before long it will make a lot of room for your authenticity.



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