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21 Days To Get Into The Energetic Flow For The Year of Authenticity – Day 12

Integrity -In The Age of Authenticity, Integrity is about knowing who you are, what you need & living accordingly

Spend some time with yourself.

There are three kinds of people: people who like to spend time alone because they don’t know how to relate well with others, people that can’t stand to be alone and people in the middle. If you take a deeper look at the first two kinds of people you find that whether they like to be by themselves or with others they are escaping their feelings. When people can’t connect well with others then seeing other people brings up feelings of discomfort, which they avoid by being  alone. On the opposite end, gregarious people who don’t like spending time alone are using their relationships to escape the feelings that come up when they are alone. The third category of people are those who don’t need to escape uncomfortable or undesirable feelings. They can spend time with others or by themselves comfortably. They also make time to spend by themselves to be with themselves, which can be similar to a meditation and creates balance in life.

What kind of person are you? Are you able to spend quality time with yourself? How about with others? How do you handle uncomfortable feelings that come up whether you are around another person or not?

Spend some time today with yourself. Notice how you treat yourself and whether you listen to your own thoughts and feelings; notice how you handle these. Are you compassionate with yourself? Are you able to process you own reactions to life? Are you able to acknowledge and take guidance from your own dreams and desires? Authenticity is about being connected to who you really are and who you really are has experiences, feelings, thoughts and needs. Being authentic means connecting with these and handling them accordingly, regardless of the company that you keep. After all, you are your one constant companion.

• Get in touch with your needs as it applies to each part of your life

• Set out to fulfill these needs

• Get in touch with your desires

• Decide to spend some time dreaming about your desires and taking the actions to activate their energy

Intent – Plan or Purpose

First of all, intent is a choice, so make some significant choices in your life before life makes significant choices for you.



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