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Be the Artist of Your Life

The other day a friend of mine came over to help me with my garden. Now, I am not a gardener – really don’t like weeding and digging, although I love to have a beautiful space to inhabit. I think of my yard as another room of my home especially in

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the summer and love to be surrounded with the colors and scents of a myriad of blooms and foliage. My friend is a painter but she also, I discovered “paints” with plants! I watched her as she studied the parched, weedy landscape of my yard and as she described her vision I could see and feel it shifting and morphing into a beautiful space. My yard gradually began to sense lighter and brighter and now I am inspired to take the necessary steps to manifest this transformation.
Most painters have a particular style, something that identifies them to the viewer. Part of this style is the emotional tone that is incorporated into their works. One might use bright, bold colors and shapes or muted tones and soft edges or perhaps there is a sense of dark brooding or sharp anger inherent in the works.
We as humans are also identifiable by our style or personality and part of our personality traits come out in our general emotional tone. We can be recognized by the energy we hold or transmit. For example some people generally exude a happy or contented demeanor while others may be generally pessimistic, angry or proud, even fearful.
An artist takes his canvas and chooses his color palette. As an artist grows so does his color palette as he becomes aware of greater possibilities of shading and texture, depth and design. He may choose to begin presenting a new style or bring a new emotion to his work and so he will consciously shift his perspective, see things differently and introduce a new tone.
Our canvas is our life and the color palette is our emotions. As you grow in awareness and in consciously living your life you see you can choose your emotional color as well as the tone and depth of it. You may have come to recognize that your general emotional tone and the way you express yourself is no longer how you wish to be and so you consciously begin to express and feel differently. As with an artist who is expressing differently it takes practice but soon you notice that more and more you are being more of that person that you wish to be.
Look at the canvas of your life and notice what you are expressing. Is this a true picture of how you desire your life to appear and how would it look if you were expressing your true self?


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  • Reply Frankie (http://Fiduciosofrankie null@null blogspot September 16, 2011, 2:06 am

    Truly enjoyed reading this, as I’m on the journey of discovery in my life and I’m painting my dreams and desires.

    • Reply Mary M October 19, 2011, 6:27 pm

      Frankie, I missed this! Sorry. I’m delighted you enjoyed the article. Keep on painting and living your dreams.
      Love and Light,

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