Be You, Live Authentically, Be Unlimited

“I Yam What I Yam,” Says Popeye the Sailor Man

Be Who You Are and Be In the Moment

As we are entering the Age of Authenticity we hear that it is important to Be Who You Are. This can be a strange concept to encounter. Popeye would laugh at the suggestion to Be Who you truly Are. “Who else would I Be?” he’d ask. As for Being in the Moment he’d say, “What does that mean? When else would I be?”

The thing with Popeye is he is a very reactive sort along with the other characters in his community. Whatever he encounters in his world stimulate the same patterned behaviors over and over. He really doesn’t know anything different, can’t see beyond his world and so his experiences will continue to cycle round unless he decides to get off the merry-go-round and play his game differently.

So, is Popeye Being Who he truly Is? In a sense yes, but in the sense of him growing and developing beyond the reactive personality we all know and love he is not. He will always be the two-dimensional cartoon character that plays the same stories over and over.

There is, however potential for Popeye to become a better version of him self, to grow beyond the confines of his limited view and Be more of Who He truly Is.

What Does it Mean to Be Who You Truly Are?

It can mean different things at different moments but essentially it is Being the best and most appropriate version of yourself for the experience before you. For Popeye often that looks like eating a can of spinach and punching Brutus’ lights out. Another is chuckling indulgently and approvingly over Sweet Pea’s antics.

In each moment you align to the highest qualities within that will serve best that moment. For example a teacher in Being Who he truly Is will call on his best in focusing on his students needs in their learning process. The student in Being Who he truly Is will focus on his highest intent to learn what he can from his teacher. A parent will do her best version of parenting for her children. A rescue worker for the victims of a disaster. A friend for a friend.

What if Popeye decides to tune into his higher qualities such as the love and protectiveness he feels for Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea? When he relates to Brutus while aligning to this higher version of himself he may begin to find a compassionate and understanding part of himself that could shift their interactions to something less violent. As you continue to align to the highest version of Who you Are, focusing on your purpose and doing what you need to do to the best of your ability you will find yourself becoming more of Who you Are – a better or higher version still.

In any given moment you may find yourself facing a new role being a teacher in one moment and being taught in the next, being a confidante and then trusting in sharing your story. In each role as you Be Who you truly Are, the best version of you, You will find you are also Being in the Moment.


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