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21 Days To Get Into The Energetic Flow For The Year of Authenticity – Day 19

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DSC03576″ src=”×225.jpg” alt=”” width=”180″ height=”135″ />Judge This

Life is often filled with less problems that it seems. Often times we add to our own challenges through our assumptions and judgments. How often have you been talking with someone and stopped listening half way through? Have you jumped to conclusions with another lately? Have you ever noticed how frequently we tend to jump to negative conclusions instead of positive ones?

Our authenticity certainly doesn’t live in the world of our judgements and conclusions. For today choose to tap deeper into your authenticity just by leaving some wiggle room in your life. Come from a clean slate so that you aren’t drudging up past events and conclusions; look at your day, your problem or another person as if you were new to each experience. Forget past hurts or problems or difficulties when entering your day. Or, even better yet, make positive assumptions and conclusions like assuming that things will work out and that others are wanting to work with you. And then find yourself in a more authentic state of being.



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