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The Authentic, Successful Entrepreneur – Part 2

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Empowerment & Spirituality In Business

In Par One I gave you some of my story, or how I came to shift how I see business and how my life has come to include business.

It all brings me to here and now, or present. I have helped the coaches I certify with some branding and marketing. Through the year as we have met with clients in our social media business, I find more and more that my specialty is marketing from the visual logo of a business to their positioning. My clients love my input and appreciate suggestions to increase revenue and position them more elegantly, all in ways that they hadn’t thought of and which I often see upon our initial meeting.

My marketing expertise is something I attribute to my spiritual path. Understanding universal laws and the laws of attraction, I am savvy about perception. Perception, of course, is all about how we see something, which is marketing. Perhaps in this new Age of Authenticity and Authentic Entrepreneurs the old ‘marketing’ term will be replaced with business perception, as in making sure that your clients see your business with the accurate perception of what you uniquely offer.

Well, I love my life and I am passionate about many things, including being the co-owner and running SMP. However, who I truly am is a helper, so I want to help you with your business. I know what it takes to run a successful authentic business both personally and professionally, and I am an expert at marketing or creating the business perception needed to increase businesses.

Kalyn, Coach Maven & Business MentorOne thing that life and my Source Energy set out to teach me this year was that business is no different that romantic relationships, personal power or manifesting. They are all under the umbrella of life and fall under the same universal laws. This means that running a successful authentic business is the same as improving our lives, our energy– it begins with us. Yes, the ‘rules’ of business are different on the surface and must be handled as such. Still, no matter what your business is, improving business will always be about working on yourself and your business.

So, as life has shifted and evolved for me with my daughter being in school, I am evolving and shifting too. I am now finding a new direction to focus my strengths in. As a spiritual teacher and a successful business woman, I see that I can greatly assist people create their Authentic Entrepreneurship.

I see that marketing is one of the cornerstones of business and will be writing to you about marketing. I’ll be telling you about one of the greatest marketing secrets which is that marketing is truly working with perception in a business-minded emphasis, and that it is a state of being, not something that starts when you place an advertisement and then ends.

I’ll also be talking to you about shifting your perception about yourself as the owner, so that you find that you are always marketing you and your business professionally and confidently.

If you have a business and you are looking to increase your success and the authenticity so that you are living your dream, Authentic Entrepreneurship, then stay tuned!

Business owners, be sure to respond to me! Tell me what you want to learn about because I’ll take it into account. Whether it is problems with workers, not understanding social media or wanting to increase sales… I appreciate your input and will use your comments and suggestions to help me cover what you need in future posts, webinars and classes!


Kalyn B Raphael is Co-Founder of Social Media Pathways, the Founder of the Maven Method™, Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in spirituality, business and parenting.
Kalyn is a successful business woman, artist on Canyon Road, mother, wife & Spiritual Life Coach. She helps Maven Method™ coaches with their branding and marketing to help them create successful entrepreneurship and can help you as a your business mentor. Subscribe to her newsletter HERE to be notified of posts, webinars and other resources to help you join the world of successful entrepreneurs.


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