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“Mommy, What Is That Man Doing To That Woman On TV?”

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It is much easier to talk about birds and bees than it is about sex, let me tell you! If only the answer could revolve around her interest in insects…

How do we, as Soul-Keepers, or Conscious Parents, answer such a question? When is the right time to talk about topics that may not quite be age appropriate? Five seems pretty young to learn about such “adult” topics. And yet, if we don’t answer our children’s question – and they are aware of our white lies, dodging answers- then what are we saying without words?

Here is the thing – no book or expert can tell you when the right time is or what the right answer is for you and your child. Every child is unique so that the right time can be different for each of them. Every child is human and will learn about everything in life. The most important part about being a Soul-Keeper is that we need to learn to read cues from our children and recognize when they are truly ready and how much they are ready for. A Soul-Keeper thus creates confidence in the relationship, knowing that their child will appreciate having someone trustworthy in their life.

We can’t always honestly answer “You’re too young” or “I’ll tell you when you get older”, but we can use these answers a few times. Be sure to select your use of such phrases wisely and then set out to know what and how much you can tell your child so that you are honest with them as opposed to making topics, such as sex or drugs, scandalous and for more interesting because you avoided answering (and perhaps became embarrassed or secretive inadvertently) the question.


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