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The Golden Egg

Yesterday early in the evening my friend asked if I’d want to drive back into town to go hit some amazing Black Friday sales. My answer was ‘I bought a refrigerator, a stove, a house, an airplane ticket and a boat ticket!’ meaning that I’m all spent.

Now let me put this in perspective…
This fall I received an early inheritance and added onto a casita (a little house, like a guest house, as we call them here). The addition called for a fridge and stove, which my mom helped me with, and, did you know that appliances can cost 2 or 3 thousand dollars? They say you learn something new every day, but I say it’s not every day that I’m shocked.

At the same time, my husband and I had a strong calling to go on a cruise and, since the last floating seminar was so impactful, we invited people to join us for classes on the waves as a free 2012 (which we call the start the Age of Authenticity) gift. So, we will be gifting our time without recooperating our cost.

Finally, my dad, who has been in Spain on  sabbatical for 6 months, wanted me to visit him in there. Between our two companies I couldn’t make it so then I coulnd’t say no to visiting him in Mexico for Christmas. ‘Hon, get back online and check the air to Mexico!’

Small Fortunes
You and I both know that each of these purchases was a small fortune. The money I’d had stashed away for a rainy day no longer is, though I have a beautiful refrigerator, will enjoy some great travel next month and am banking on another dry winter.

While people do spend money all of the time, the question is when is too much money too much and when should you stop? What comes first in the laws of abundance, the golden goose or the golden eggs? How do you act abundantly when your wallet is empty and how do you, under any circumstances, tap into the flow of abundance?

Believe It or Not
I know I’m blessed and that you may not have access to communication from your Source Energy, but I’ll share what I’ve been told with you. When I was looking at buying a $225 dollar sweater- which I didn’t buy- I heard my Source say “Do you like it?” Of course, the question implied that if so, I should buy it. I went back and told my husband about the sweater, drool falling down the side of my mouth. He asked, “What did your Source say about it?”

“My Source said ‘you should get it’, and I said, ‘I’ll run out of money.’ Then he (my Source) said ‘I’ll put more paper in your wallet.”

Again, I didn’t buy the sweater, I bought a fridge, making the sweater look inexpensive. Still, I have to tell you that he really did put more paper in my wallet. At Lowe’s I noticed that the charge to my credit card seemed high. So, I looked at my receipt and, sure enough, they had billed a few things incorrectly. In addition to double-charging for the extended warranty, the fridge’s price was much higher than I’d thought. The sales man scanned the listed price and announced “You win! The price is marked incorrectly, so you get a refund!” Hundreds of dollars in a refund would be a great credit on my credit card, but for some reason they could only put half of it back on my card and returned half back as cash, leaving me with more ‘paper’, as my Source calls it, than I’d originally had.

The Golden Point
The moral to this story is not ‘go spend your money, it grows on trees!’, because it doesn’t so please don’t misunderstand! No, the lesson here is much simpler and complicated at the same time…

The flow of abundance is such that it is unlimited and available to us all. However, our energy around money and financial abundance is like a an energetic hand. When this hand is reaching for and feeling a lack of abundance, then we tend to repel even what we most want. At that point, that energetic hand reaches to no avail. On the other hand, when we are feeling abundant and feeling that there is plentiful then our energetic hands form a cup that is filled and that overflows, abundance showering us.

Tapping into that flow of abundance requires that your energy be that of welcoming the golden egg, without figuring which should really come first. The only first is you. When you feel well-being in your heart and you allow then you don’t go and buy every sweater, boat ticket and whim you encounter. No, in the flow of you (and you in well-being) you do not seek external things to make you complete. You seek internal things, like the feelings of love and joy, to warm your heart and your soul.

Once your heart and soul are singing, you find that paper shows up in your wallet at the right time, every time. This is when you book the boat’s journey, knowing full well that, given the songs you are singing, the money, the time off from work and any other items needed to make your dream come through will all line up.

I’ve seen past clients and students who have done just this and have taken part in travels that they never thought they could afford, and now they are living with far more richness than they used, both financially and in all other ways.

So here is to a 2013, The Age of Authenticity, filled with your ability to lay golden eggs with the song of your heart- and soul!


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