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Ladies, Manifesting Desires Is Different For Us- Empower Your Self

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Ladies, do you realize that manifesting is different for women than it is for men?

As women we have a different energetic flow than men and this means that our creative process is different. In order to understand this, we need to understand that men and women are different. We have different strengths and weaknesses, generally speaking, which distinguish the masculine from the feminine.

Personal Empowerment Requires Us To Recognize That We Are Different

If you have charges, or limiting beliefs, around men and women being different then please let me clarify. This is something that is often hard for people to initially hear, but then they realize that I’m not saying that men or women are better than one another.

Self Empowerment Means Look At Energy First

What I am saying is that everything is energy first. As such, there is an energetic difference between men and women, which presents itself in gender flows. Most of the time, not always, this means that women have a more receptive, feminine flow. The feminine flow, having the capacities of reproduction, tend to be more creative. This also means that, if we want to increase our manifesting abilities, ladies, we can do so by tailoring our manifesting process to include our energetic strength: our gender flow.

Manifesting for us women will improve and feel more natural or more in our flow when we focus on a more creative process. When we make our manifesting process a more emotional and enjoyable experience, such as journaling, painting or creating a model or doing things that are meaningful to us, we tend to incorporate more feminine aspects, utilizing more of our feminine, creative energy toward what we desireto manifest.

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