Be You, Live Authentically, Be Unlimited

Kalyn, Coach Maven

Kalyn, Coach Maven

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Private Coaching Sessions with Kalyn B Raphael, Coach Maven

Be You, Live Authentically, Be Unlimited

Kalyn Raphael, is an author and co-founder of the Golden Flow™ System of accelerated growth and enlightenment in addition to being a master coach. She created and utilizes the Maven Method™, developed during her ten years of being a life coach. Kalyn specializes in helping clients focus on what will empower them to be who they truly are, by helping them shift their energy, their confidence and their capabilities. Potential is within each of us and Kalyn knows how to help a client move past any blocks or fears that keep them from living this un-limitedness and living their dreams.


Individual Session:

1 Hour session $175

4 Session, bi-weekly for two months:

Each session is 1 Hour, totaling 4 hours $490 (please contact me if you prefer two payments of $245)


“Kalyn’s coaching has helped me manifest my desires. Since we started the bi-weekly one hour sessions about 2 year ago, my business has become successful; I quit my job to become a full-time entrepreneur. Also, in my personal life I had dreams come true, both in the relationship area and in moving to a place I always wanted to move to. Kalyn can see very clearly in your energy what you need to do and focus on right now, so that your dreams can become manifest. Her guidance has been invaluable in my personal growth and in getting more fulfillment and deep connection both in my inner and outer world. Thank you Kalyn!”

Paul Eric

About Kalyn

Unlocking the Doors to Your Well-Being & Empowerment

The Law of Attraction & The Golden Flow Gathering~ How can one not seek their Soul? I dedicate my life to seeking my Soul, or Source energy, and to helping others seek theirs. We are meant to live a life of love, joy, and to be Who we truly ARE.

Spirituality and People! My life is most about the pursuit of my spirituality and those I love. Spirituality to me means finding, living and knowing a deeper connection with life: knowing my purpose and what makes my life happy, exciting and valuable to me. I live this so I truly know how to help others do the same.

After all, what fun is life if life is not what you wish it to be?

My Role As Guide/ Spiritual Life Coach

I am pragmatic. I seek out what works for me and for my clients and I am all about improving life and making it as wonderful as possible.

Once upon a time I was a school teacher, teaching upper elementary grades. I come from a family of teachers, so it was natural for me to become a life coach. I find that the quality of life is everything. Money, fame or fortune lose their allure when we aren’t happy. On the contrary, when we are happy, the things we want come more easily and even if they don’t, we’re still enjoying life!

I have been a spiritual life coach for ten years. When my husband Kristopher and I were living in Los Angeles we both studied with don Miguel Ruiz, Author of the bestselling The Four Agreements. Working with Miguel as an apprentice and becoming a certificated teacher of his was grand! I gained quite a bit on my path working with don Miguel.

I also spent several years working closely with another set of teachers, which I don’t tend to talk about as much. Although people are becoming more open all of the time, a lot of people don’t really feel comfortable with the idea of channeling. However, what is significant and important to me is that they greatly assisted me. The personal growth work and the spiritual connection I created in my life are of great value to me. Working with this set of teachers helped me grow and evolve, becoming a greater version of myself and helped me to become the coach I am today.

Having had two such strong and influential teachers is something I consider quite a blessing.

As such, I have a vast understanding of universal laws, such as the law of attraction, which I use in my life and with my clients. There are key universal laws, such as the law of flow, which can facilitate anything we seek in life. The law of flow, for example, is truly the law that is at play when people talk about paying it forward, a great thing to do which benefits the payee and the recipient.

Life is meant to be sweet and when it is not, I help my clients – and coaches- soar above and beyond what life has been, making the sweetness a breeze.

Coach Maven

I absolutely love what I do. I have worked with groups and clients individually. Whether a client is focusing on finances and abundance, using the Law of Atrraction, relationship, work or anything else, one thing never changes. When we are seeking to improve ourselves and our lives we are really needing to raise our energy. This means we shift and raise our thoughts, (beliefs), our feelings and our actions, changing our perception and, therefore, our experience. So this is what I help my clients do. We go about raising their energy using two powerful tools: The Golden Flow System (http://www NULL.golden-flow-system & Align-tenment. These are tools to help dramatically shift and improve our whole life experience. Life is meant to be sweet, and these are the tools to empower yourself (or your client) and to bring about sweet experiences for yourself.

Kris and I have had a Toltec school, the Toltec Mystery School for over ten years which has it’s roots in my Mayan roots and the teachings we learned with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the bestselling The Four Agreements. As we have grown and evolved ourselves we have come to shift our teachings and follow our own path.  Following our authenticity, we have helped many people improve their lives, save their marriages and build businesses of their own.

Kalyn’s Books

Between Worlds: Source Energy’s Call – Now being published through!

Shamanic Egg Cleansing (http://eggcleansing the ancient meso-american energy cleansing technique: “la limpia” uses a raw egg over the a person’s body, lifting negative, stagnant and stuck energies. The egg can then be broken into a glass and read, showing the person’s emotional, physical and mental health.

The Three Laws of Manifesting (http://www– Use the three laws of manifesting to get into the vortex of what you wish to experience and who you truly are: The Law of Self, The  Law of Attraction & The Law of Repetition

Seek Your Soul (http://www – A year-long journey, Seek Your Soul gives you weekly prompts you so that you have a new way to connect with your Source Energy and practice during the week.

Living With Purpose (http://www Do you seek to have purpose and meaning in your life? Living With Purpose will help you look into your life to find your unique purpose and to begin to live it.

Inspiration To Put You In Your Flow

Coach Maven Videos

Recipes From the Kitchen of Life (http://www – on Youtube

Classes, Workshops & Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles-  Kalyn is currently working with two advanced groups. To inquire about these, please contact us.

Monthly Ladie’s Soul Spa Day- Ladies, join us once a month for our Soul’s Spa Day! Our Santa Fe & virtual gathering (via Skype) allows us to connect, relax and revitalize our energy and souls! Check for this month’s event under Events

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Resources for Coaches

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