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Holiday Manifesting Offer


A Special Holiday Offer

Give A Gift, Receive A Gift!

Looking for a great gift to give this holiday season? Look no further! Whether you are looking for something fun or something to help your loved ones pursue their passions, we’ve got two great books for you! Give the gift everyone wants! After working as a life coach for over ten years, what is the #1 thing people most seek? Of course! It is help improving their lives by attracting or manifesting what they most desire. Some want to have more money or get paid more at work, others dream of the perfect relationship and many of us wish for a life filled with more travel and joy!

How To Manifest: The Three Laws of Manifesting

How about making Manifesting a conscious act, since we do manifest all the time anyway, so that you are manifesting what you prefer? How about making at as simple as following 3 simple Universal Laws:

  1. The Law of Self
  2. The Law of Attraction
  3. The Law of Repetition

The Three Laws of Manifesting Many know about the Law of Attraction and they may know that they need to hold a similar energy, but how? Where does that energy come from so that we can shift this? Once we have this energy, what do we do? The answer is that the energy comes from Self, so we must use the Law of Self (and it can increase our manifesting abilities by 80{190ddf92b19a0b55afa437f78e0f7e787522d08ca8a7333c414d56892339eed8}) and then we must find the aligned actions and activate our dream or desire using the Law of Repetition!

Between Worlds: Source Energy’s Call

Alternatively, for those who want to tap into what it is like to live life beyond limits, to manifest smoothly and be more tuned into the world of energy, then you’ll love the 7 short stories in Beyond Worlds: Source Energy’s Call

For friends or loved ones who are not consciously working on manifesting what they prefer in life, Beyond Worlds: Source Energy’s Call is a refreshing and inspiring book and a great gift for anyone this holiday season!


How To Manifest
Purchase The Three Laws
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Between Worlds: Source Energy's Call
Purchase Between Worlds:
Source Energy’s Call
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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Kalyn, Coach Maven, & The Maven Coaches