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Universal Lessons For The Successful Entrepreneur

Universal Lessons For The Successful Entrepreneur

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preneur/attachment/dscf0627-2″ rel=”attachment wp-att-1233″>successful entrepreneurThe Intent of Authentic Entrepreneur

Business is an interesting part of life and unique from most others. In businesses we have no choice but to try to move ahead and make things work. “It’s just business” means that we can’t take things personally or impose our own beliefs upon our company. As a matter of fact, we have to do the opposite. We have to be willing to do what it takes to make our business successful including living by many universal laws such as being friendly, even when a client is not, being willing to keep trying and trying to find new business without being discouraged and being willing to see things differently.

How A Successful Entrepreneur Is Not Like A House

When you think of romance and couples, like the buying of houses, each one is unique and different. Although every couple is made of more than one person and each house is made of rooms, there is no universal requirement to make a relationship work or to call something “home”. We each get to look for what we want in a friend, what we believe a relationship should offer us and what we require a home should provide. We get to impose our own beliefs, rules (limitations) and habits upon these.

Not so in business. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who naturally live by universal laws or have come to live by them. Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of meeting their business’ needs, including their clients, and they do so regardless of their frame of mind.

An authentic and successful entrepreneur has a specific intent which goes beyond their business. While most may have a single focus of making money or making a successful business, an authentic entrepreneur has the intent of expanding themselves. They recognize the important and unique role business can play in their lives of guiding them towards universal laws and they embrace this. They recognize the amazing benefit this brings and the opportunities to change themselves. They understand that it is only when pitching their services to a potential client that they will learn to be authentically confident to attract the client. They know that it is only when working on a project for a client to rectify a problem with the overdue project that they will learn the importance of removing blame from their lives. It is only in this tight corner that they will understand that blaming the client for providing the wrong information will not help them out at all and that to get paid they simply need to correct and submit the work.

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Why Are You An Entrepreneur?

What is your reason for becoming an entrepreneur? Are you in it for the wrong reasons? Have you already learned that business requires you to be either passionate about what you do, since you have to do it over and over all of the time, or to be persistent? Have you noticed that it is by doing something over and over that we humans truly manifest – and was it your business or job that taught you this?

Yes, there are universal laws at play in life and working with these creates success. As an authentic entrepreneur your business will truly serve you two purposes. The primary purpose will always be to help you grown and expand, becoming an authentically more capable and talented person. You may think that earning the money to survive is truly your primary purpose, and we all must do this or go homeless and hungry, but it is truly the secondary purpose. An authentic entrepreneur recognizes that they can work and earn money at any job, but that being a business owner is about something else. It is about being the one responsible for your income and business. It is about expanding yourself and being bigger. And being bigger is about expanding yourself energetically which can then be seen in your expanded views, talents and income.

Yes, the quickest way to ensure your business is a successful one is to have your eyes on the prize and to realize what the prize truly is. When you come to intent and see that arguing with a client causes you to lose business, then you recognize that your pride is far less meaningful and beneficial; you realize that taking a higher road, keeping and gaining new business lead to your feeling like a successful entrepreneur and that this is the most important thing. You realize that the experiences and feelings of getting into the flow of life, of universal laws and of success are far more intoxicating and rewarding than anything else you may encounter.

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