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The Successful Entrepreneur's Year of Opportunity

Seeking Authenticity In Life & Business

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ment wp-att-1239″>Successful entrepreneurAs an authentic and successful entrepreneur, you must come at your business from a higher and more meaningful level. Business and success for you must be about more than making money or a deal. It must be about the only that really matters: you and your expression.

Years ago there was a popular song with a lyric that said ‘you must fight for your right to party’. If you are a successful entrepreneur or working towards being one, then it is unlikely that you will take this lyric at face value. It is more likely that you realize that, even if having a party was the ultimate goal, then making that happen has to do with bringing about your own expression and your own authenticity so that you can enjoy life. Parties, weekends and vacations are only fun when you feel good about yourself, enjoy success at work or in our business and therefore have the resources to feel at ease, feel a part of and to feel capable. It turns out that the only person you are fighting is yourself and the only thing you are fighting for is an empowering, good and successful feeling.

After all, what do you most want? Whether it is in life or business, aren’t you looking to be a successful entrepreneur so that you can feel good about yourself or your life?

Of course. When you are successful at your business you tend to feel successful in life. Your business or work world brings about opportunities for you to stretch your boundaries, test your interpersonal skills and reach for new heights. In business, you find yourself up against your personal limitations and beliefs which you will either place a glass ceiling over or break. Breaking invisible barriers means you thus change your limitations, your habits and your beliefs which means you change how you express yourselves and who you are.

Authentic successful entrepreneurs are people who live this way. They understand the importance of “doing what it takes” to make their business succeed, placing the needs of the business first. In what may seem like a contradiction, putting something else first is what helps them create an authentic business.

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What Is An Authentic Business?

An authentic business has to do with both your intent and your authenticity. Many may misperceive that an authentic business should be one that allows them to do what ever they wish to do. However, what you wish to do itself may or may not be authentic. Finding your passion or your gift in life may point you in the direction of an authentic business, but even then how you go about it requires authenticity as well.

This is the Age of Authenticity. This means that we are living through a unique time in which there is energetic opportunity to reclaim and reconnect with our own authenticity. Reclaiming ourselves requires that we be who we truly are at all times both in our personal lives and our business lives. When it comes to our successful entrepreneurship, this means that we have the same unique opportunities to go far and grow in business as well.


The Successful Entrepreneur Seeks An Authentic Business Experience

As an authentic entrepreneur you will see your business from a higher perspective. An authentic business will be something that you love doing, even on the days when everything is going wrong. Additionally, you will also use your business experience to expand and increase your personal expression. Of course, making money is important, but in this light your financial success becomes a by-product of your personal success.

More precisely, your primary focus will be you. You will want to feel as though you are meeting your challenges and feeling good about yourself, your product or service and your clients or customers. You will feel that you are a successful entrepreneur. This, in turn, will mean that you have increased your personal power and your own abilities; and these are what naturally attract more money into your life.

You will find that when you seek your authenticity this year you will be supported by life. Both in business and in your personal life, your pursuit to expand yourself and to refine your authenticity by breaking past your own limitations will undoubtedly bring you continued enthusiasm, creativity and greater abilities which will mean new products and services as well as new clients and customers.

As an authentic business person you will find that you are conspiring with universal laws. These will make you a successful entrepreneur who enjoys the natural laws of abundance, synchronicities and a good feeling about yourself whether you are at a party, enjoying your weekend or your perfect vacation.

Kalyn B Raphael is Co-Founder of Social Media Pathways, the Founder of the Maven Method™, Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in spirituality, business and parenting.
Kalyn is a successful business woman, artist on Canyon Road, mother, wife & Spiritual Life Coach. She helps Maven Method™ coaches with their branding and marketing to help them create successful entrepreneurship and can help you as a your business mentor. Subscribe to her newsletter HERE to be notified of posts, webinars and other resources to help you join the world of successful entrepreneurs.



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