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The Successful Entrepreneur: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Un-Successful Entrepreneur Excuses

I had a client tell me that she has a manager that has poor customer relation skills causing negative reviews, but that she can’t do much about her. One of the coaches I certified told me that she doesn’t have enough time to blog, even though she is retired and has few demands on her time. A third client who wants to expand his business significantly, and has a great set-up to do so, occupies his focus with doubt and certainty of the problems he will encounter and tries to get me to convince him things will work out… In all these scenarios it’s all the same.

First Priority

Taking your authentic business to the next level requires you getting into the mindset of an entrepreneur who understands the principal of priorities. Far too often people who don’t succeed in life allow their fears, their upsets or even their convictions to come first. They think abou these first thing in the morning. They worry about these and about the potential road blocks in life more than they do about their dreams or their desire to expand their business.

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In The Dark

Because telling yourself that you are allowing something to stand between you and the success you say you want more than anything would be heart-breaking, most people keep themselves in the dark. Even entrepreneurs. They tell themselves that there is a good, solid reason for their road block. Successful entrepreneurs, on the other hand, focus on the road. They focus on the bridge between here and where they are going and they handle their roadblocks.

A successful entrepreneur knows how to handle road blocks because one thing they’ve done is that they have allowed themselves to see beyond the block; often they have allowed themselves to realize the contradiction or lack of logic that the roadblock truly is. Of course, once you feel that way you begin to perceive a road block as a speed bump you might not even slow down for.

In life we are meant to constantly explore, improve ourselves and grow. It is only when we continuously grow and evolve that life stays fresh, exciting and new. If your business is feeling stuck or stagnant and if you haven’t been able to take it to the next level, then ask yourself whether your habitual perception is that there are bridges to your future or roadblocks before you.

Roadblocks are, in fact, always you putting a fear or doubt first. Instead of prioritizing and allowing nothing else to come first, a roadblock is a fear first. A manager that has poor customer skills is simply your fear that you can’t handle the manager. The silly thing is that you can always move managers around and put an amiable person in the customer service position. A lack of time to write is a fear that you don’t know what to write about, but rather than admit your fear you are making your fear your first priority and protecting it, blaming your own time management skills instead. Having the potential for a great business, the relationships and the set-up to make it happen but being focused on why it won’t work is also just a fear that you can’t pull it off. Again, the fear is coming first, and therefore protected, so that instead of releasing the doubt and focusing on your strength, you are staying negative. What excuse are you using for making blocks your priority?


Ensuring A Block

The funny thing about us as humans is that we often fret about something negative, which is a great way to ensure your own failure. While we say we want to be successful more than anything else, our behavior does everything to ensure our failure. After all, instead of recognizing our fear and dealing with it, when we protect our doubts we are strengthening the block.

Being an authentic entrepreneur is about living life on the edge because entrepreneurs take their lives into their own hands and make life happen. We don’t depend on another, like a boss, to tell us what we need to do to improve and keep our jobs. Instead we are out there having to read life’s signs for ourselves. We have to work with life to understand what we need to do to increase business and our income. We have to read the signs along the road of life to understand when we are and are not making our client relations, employee relations or supplier relations work. Yes, we have put quite a bit on our plates as entreprenuers and one of the most important things this gives us to do is to make sure that our priorities are in order so that we our business can thrive and move to the next level.


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  • Reply Makayla (http://joyparenting March 31, 2012, 12:01 pm

    A very useful blog I enjoyed reading. I could relate to what you shared about blocks. After reading your insights on how to get through them I feel more confident and motivated to tackle my own.

    • Reply Kalyn April 8, 2012, 11:22 pm

      I’m glad to hear it! Success comes when we allow our own fears and issues to be smaller than our plans for our business. You are becoming a better and better example of this!

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