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The Authentic, Successful Entrepreneur – Part 1


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The Business Story- Actually, I used to think that I didn’t have a business story. I was a housewife and a mother; an artist and a spirituality teacher. The business world felt distant and foreign, and those are euphemisms. My impression of it from my previous experience working in offices or watching my husband at work was that it was cold, hard and somewhat cut-throat. I didn’t see where spiritual teaching jived with such a world. To me, you can either be aware of universal laws and work with them, to enhance your life and ride the wave, or you can deny them at which point most people seem to navigate choppy or rough waters. Now, the fact that I felt this way about ‘the business world’ should have been a clue that life would take me into that world!

Yes, there is a cruel world out there, but there is also a wonderful one. A lot of what you experience depends upon yourself- the glass is either half full or half empty as the old adage says. Several years ago my husband and I were talking about the world changes and economies. As it often happens, tuning in this way gave me greater insight, call it a knowingness or intuition. I told him and a financial advisor friend that one of the keys to look for to see if the world economy was recovering would be in the increasing presence of authentic small business. Yes, ‘mom and pop’ businesses often compete with large established corporations, but at the same time they don’t. Customers can turn into numbers in a corporation whereas customers often become good acquaintances or friends in the relationship-oriented small business world. In our changing times of the foretold apocalypse or 2012, the world isn’t going to end, but ego-based life styles or businesses will begin dying off. False business (based on greed or ego) have been falling as their corruption comes forward and will continue to. Authentic businesses with heart, on the other hand, will be in a position to thrive. And this is the direction my Source Energy has taken me.

I was/am a mom and am very dedicated. This meant that I had known for some time that when my daughter entered school my life as a spiritual teacher would have to change. I wouldn’t be able to plan exotic retreats to Bali, the Caribbean or Mexico to take people to God and to help them increase their energy and lives on a quarterly basis; it would interfere with her school schedule and her developing life. Yes, I admit it, I’m still planning a few trips, because I’m passionate about self-development, spirituality and helping people empower their lives. However, my priority is my family.

Two years ago my husband, being a computer guru, began a social media company after his boss regretfully let him go when the commercial real estate world suffered a quick death. We named it Social Media Pathways, or SMP. After a year of working in his business and a few great clients, this year, year two, I asked why he wasn’t expanding his offerings. As a one-man show he was doing some amazing things since he helped his clients with so much that it was like running three businesses: search engine ranking, web site work, social media, writing, email management… Needless to say, he looked at me as though I didn’t get it (and I didn’t, since I didn’t realize all he did offer) and said he just didn’t have the time. Seeing the potential here and knowing that I had to shift some of my focus for my daughter’s sake, I jumped on board.

Joining The Business

Kalyn, Coach MavenEarlier this year when I joined my husband’s company he had one on-going client and a few jobs. Today, twelve months later, we have increased the businesses income tenfold and have about 20 on-going accounts, three contract writers and a new part-time assistant. Needless to say, it’s been a busy year for this mom!

I’ve been successful as a mom, Coach Maven and a co-owner of SMP. One of the most significant things is that I have found that the business world is a world in which people are meant to grow and stretch themselves. I have increased my personal power and found that business can be rather spiritual. And successful when you live according to universal laws and ride that wave. At SMP, we help our clients increase their web presence any way they prefer, but namely using social media. As such, I meet with clients on a regular basis, which I love, oversee customer satisfaction and run the marketing and graphics.

Because my husband has always been a big researcher, we have always lived on the cutting edge of technology. We were some of the first to use an internet forum for classes, to use digital cameras fifteen years ago and to create videos for the net. So, when I joined the business, I naturally knew my marketing and what to do because we’d been employing a lot of marketing and technology in our spiritual teachings for over a decade.

It didn’t quite occur to me, when I listed to a business guru’s video this weekend, that not everyone knows how to run a business. I said to my husband, this guru is great, but she’s not saying anything I didn’t know. ‘Of course’, he responded, ‘but look at our clients. They don’t always understand the importance of using Facebook or having a blog. Look at the coaches you train, they didn’t know what a tag line was for.’ His comment, of course, clicked for me as I sighed that familiar “ohhhhhh yeah”.

Stay tuned for Part two in the next couple of days!

Kalyn B Raphael is Co-Founder of Social Media Pathways, the Founder of the Maven Method™, Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in spirituality, business and parenting.
Kalyn is a successful business woman, artist on Canyon Road, mother, wife & Spiritual Life Coach. She helps Maven Method™ coaches with their branding and marketing to help them create successful entrepreneurship and can help you as a your business mentor. Subscribe HERE to be notified of posts, webinars and other resources to help you join the world of successful entrepreneurs.


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