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Some Things We Cannot Change


There Are Things You Can’t Change, But How You Respond You Can Change

Here is a little story to illustrate how one can take a tough situation and lift their experience to a higher level of being-ness.

Once upon a time there was a happy-go-lucky guy who met a sweet, joyful lass. As things would be they fell in love and married. They had a good life planned as all young lovers do and so they embarked on creating this life together with open- hearted anticipation. They both had jobs they appreciated, they had wonderful friends, travelled, dated on the town together. They had it all! Just one thing they wished to add to this beautiful mix – a child.

Again life offered up delight when they soon discovered a baby was on the way. Their adorable girl arrived to great celebration! Yet the couple felt a sense of foreboding and when the doctor came to tell them that their child had a condition that would leave her mentally and physically incapable of progressing even as far as attending school they knew their lives were irrevocably changed.

They had great courage knowing there would be sacrifices and began to set everything in place to ensure their daughter had the best of care. They knew they were not alone and that there was support for them from many sources. They accepted gratefully all the help that was offered from friends and family and from the educational system and social services. They supplemented all of this with their own finances.

Mom had planned to stay home with her baby until school but now she knew she would not be going back to work. Dad took extra work to supplement their income. As their little girl grew so did their love for her but the stress on both of them began to wear them down. They began to feel they needed more support and that it wasn’t there for them. They began to blame the social structure for not providing enough resources. They began to feel disappointed and disillusioned as they became more exhausted from trying to be perfect parents.

These emotions began to feed on themselves and soon they were feeling worse about their situation. He began to sleep as soon as he arrived home waking only to go to work and she would give herself a break with a few glasses of wine each evening. They found themselves arguing about things that didn’t really matter. The joy seemed to have gone out of their lives. They wondered what had happened to collapse their dream so far.

Finally one day she came across photos of their early days together as a family. She could see the joy and love they shared and knew it was still there buried under the emotional pain, fatigue and disillusion. She made a choice to BE that joy and love again and so began her journey back. She made choice after choice that reflected that love and joy and soon he was expressing his joy and love too.

As their energy shifted new possibilities kept opening up for them. They no longer blamed the social structure for lack of services and before long new opportunities for them and their daughter began to appear.

There are things that we cannot change. Its how we perceive and deal with them – that is the energy we choose to activate – that determines how our life will be. This process is simple but it is not easy.

The journey took turns and detours with bumps along the way- but that, my friends, is a story for another day.

Love and Light,

Coach Mary

Everything begins in energy. Shift your energy to change your life.




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