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Coaching The Coach: The Number One Thing A Life Coaching Should Know About: Emotional Charges – Part 2

Empower Your Drive Down The Road of Life

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A Different Kind of Wound

Carolyn Myss said that our ability to manifest just depends on how much emotional baggage we carry. The more we carry, the slower we manifest. Perhaps more importantly, this is also true for our well-being: the more baggage we carry, the slower we are to enjoy ourselves and our lives.

In Part 1 we talked about energetic blocks being like old things living up in our attic. Whether it is a belief, a button or something we are sensitive about, these are like our old security blanket that is sitting, collecting dust. You don’t really want to use it, but can’t quite let it go even though it is one of the many ancient relics taking up space.

A Charged Energy- The Red Flag To A Life Coach

When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter whether we call the blocked energy a button, a block or anything else. When it comes right down to it, it is an energy that is charged. Because the energy is charged, as science will show us, it either has a positive or negative charge. As such, it will always attract or repel other energies, and does so in our lives.

Hopefully this sheds a light on why, no matter how hard you tried, something you were after in life seemed to get further away the more you tried. This, of course, is a fundamental key to energy flow that every life coach should understand. Otherwise, how will they ever understand and be able to help their clients? How will they be able to explain why trying hard makes it harder to have what you prefer?

An Empowered Life Coach Knows That They Deals Primarily With The Emotional Self

As a life coach our primary job tends to be dealing with a person's emotional aspect. This means that we primarily deal with their buttons, their uncontrollable ability to react to life and get stuck in emotional charges.

What Does An Emotional Charge Look Like?

Once upon a time I had a boyfriend in high school, but a year later we broke up. However, we stayed close friends even though our lives grew apart. I would see him every now and then. Because I valued him and our connection, it was important to me that he hold a high opinion of me. However, the more I wanted this, the more I seemed to put my foot in my mouth around him. Afterwards I would sit and wonder where my words had come from because the silly, immature and rude things that came out of my mouth seemed so unlike me that I was certain someone had borrowed my mouth and body to say things that were sure to create a terrible impression.

Have you ever put your foot in your mouth? Sure, we all have. These slip-ups of ours come from emotional charges. Just like an attic that needs to be cleared and cleaned out, we need to do the same with ourselves. A life coach needs to know how to help clients clear these energetic charges, as these are always the cause of problems or our inability to become who we truly are and live the life we prefer. Every life coach should be equipped to help their client return back to a state of authenticity and energy flow in which life is effortless thanks to our clear, magnetic energy.

Whether we call the emotional charges ‘emotional baggage’, ‘buttons’ or ‘dusty old things in our attic’, life offers us one of two avenues to working with them: the road of life or flowing our energy.

Walking down the road of life we all make our way as best we can. We try this and then that; we make mistakes and fumble along as we go, trying to get to a place where life is as we prefer. Life becomes a ‘hit and miss’ type of experience in which sometimes we think we lucked out and other times we think our luck ran out.

Some people fumble through life this way. Others seem naturally empowered. I wish I’d been a natural – one of those people who just seem to know how to smoothly navigate their way through life so that things run smoothly: they have money, love, joy… No, I wasn’t like that. I had to transform my life so that it became more-so that way. Along the way I found that most of road signs I had been following were misleading. Where society or my family said ‘work hard’, life said ‘if you do, I’ll debilitate you’ – literally. Those pesky emotional charges plagued me for most of my life. I would even blame the chronic fatigue that weighed me down through my twenties as the result of an emotional charge in which I tried hard, did everything I could and wound up with nothing and a debilitating fatigue. No, the ‘rules’ I learned growing up led me astray. I had to release what I had been taught and what I had believed in so that I could allow everything to be defined a-new. That was when the signs along the road of life stoped lying.

Empower Your Life - Fly!Empower Yourself By Driving On The Other Side

So, how does one drive down the road of life without backtracking and taking the wrong turns? How does one get the road signs to read accurately so that we aren't lead astray?

We flow our emotional charges. Think of it this way: haven’t you had an experience in which you are trying to fit a square peg into a round whole because you are sure-as-hell certain that it is supposed to fit? Of course you look ridiculous trying to force the square peg, which will never fit. Still, you do it and continue to push because you are in a charge. Perhaps it is a charge of anger or of feeling as though you were taught and were promised that this is how life was supposed to work… so if you keep pushing, perhaps things will resolve, the peg will slide through and all will be well.

The thing is, we've all been there. We know it is a dead-end and the forcing of the square peg only damages the peg, the whole and exhausts us.

Now let’s change this scenario. Let’s say that you flow the emotional charge. You no longer are angry or feeling indebted, so you can let go of the compelling need to force the peg, or anything else in life. You feel fine, and, although it would have been nice for the dead-end to take you where you wanted to go, it’s no biggy. Why would it be? You are enjoying the scenery as you go. You even saw something along the way that you wouldn't have seen otherwise like a beautiful tree or a park that is tucked away, which you’ll come back to later, now that you know where it is. Yes, you are enjoying the ride, liked the discovery and, before you know it, you find yourself back on the road. You are feeling fine and, as you look up at the road sign, you realize that you can only read it accurately when you are outside of a charge.

Could it be? Is it possible that what you perceive, such as the signs in life, look differently and even give you a different message when you are in a charge versus in the flow of life (and un-charged)?

Absolutely. Happens all the time.

  • Haven’t you wondered why you missed your keys that were right in front of you?
  • Haven’t you been certain that your keys were invisible when you desperately needed them and then re-appeared when you no longer cared?
  • Haven’t you looked at someone younger than you and felt compassion for their experience, since they were trying to get their square peg into a round whole, an experience you’ve outgrown?

Yes, when we flow our energy and get out of an emotional charge all of life looks, feels and behaves differently. We outgrow an experience or problem when we get past the emotional charge either through the trial and error of fumbling in life or by taking ownership and our own empowerment in life to pro-actively flow our energy. In an empowered life everything becomes more enjoyable and life becomes rich in all ways just because you know how to handle an emotional charge.

It’s all in our energy and knowing how to flow it. When we do, we empower ourselves to take the short cuts in life; we super-charge our experience and find ourselves being who we know ourselves to be. Flowing energy is nothing new, though understanding it and being able to get into our flow may be. This is a quick and effective form of empowerment that every coach should know about so that they can help themselves and their clients take their Porsche down the most beautiful and scenic roads in life.

Kalyn B Raphael is the Founder of the Maven Method™, Co-Founder of the Golden Flow™ System, is a Coach of Coaches, a Channel, Author, and a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in spirituality and parenting.
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