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Here is a little story to illustrate how one can take a tough situation and lift their experience to a higher level of being-ness. Once upon a time there was a happy-go-lucky guy who met a sweet, joyful lass. As things would be they fell in love and married. They had a good life planned [...]

by Kalyn, Coach Maven Our being is the number one key to our manifesting process. Our being holds our emotional vibration which means that our being also holds our emotional state, our mental state and our very experience. Our mood, motivation and our attitude towards life all come from our state of being. No doubt [...]

By Kalyn B Raphael The most common challenge I find that coaches experience is that they get stuck with a client and don't know how to help them. So, let's look at the why of this- there are two reasons this happens. Generally it is because our clients, who are like us in this respect, [...]