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21 Days To Get Into The Energetic Flow For The Year of Authenticity – Day 5

Fulfill your needs

As you get to know yourself, you come to find that you have needs, all sorts of needs. For some having needs is a sign of weakness; for others it is what gives them strength. Authentic people fall into the strength category.

This is like the old driving directions joke. While men are said to be willing to drive around and not ask for directions, women will admit what then need and move on. I’m not trying to be stereotypical, but am meaning to point out the strength behind being able to ask for what you need. After all, whether you are a man or a woman, the most important part of your experience will be about how quickly you get to where you are going so that you can enjoy being there.

Look at your own belief about needs today and then look at whether or not you take care of some of your basic life needs. Do you take care of yourself and your body? Are you comfortable with your body weight or image? Most people aren’t. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to be comfortable with your body? Generally speaking, changing how you feel about your body and feeling as though you take care of your body’s needs will increase your authenticity.

What small or significant thing can you do for your body today?



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